Over the years the word diet has become synonymous with loosing weight, following strict regimes of calorie control or eliminating whole categories of food groups such as fats or carbohydrates in a bid to become slim. The latest fad diets promising a quick fix sweep over us like great tidal waves soon to fade into oblivion; mainly because they have failed.  While initially those following them may  shed a few pounds for the majority when they returned to their old eating habits they found that not only did they put on the weight they had lost but also sadly a few additional pounds also materialized.

It is a common misconception that by simply reducing calorie intake you will loose weight and keep it off. Depriving ourselves of food not only leaves us feeling hungry and lacking in energy but our body believes that we are facing a time of famine and food shortage. Therefore we start to store fat to help tide us through the hard times. More often than not once the end goal of the “diet” has been achieved and we are down to our desired weight the majority of us simply return to our old eating habits which led to our weight problem in the first place.

A successful diet for sustained weight loss should not be about starvation and depravation. It should be about abundance of the right type of foods. These include whole grain bread, pasta and rice, beans, pulses, fish, eggs, and meat and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Not forgetting to have at least eight glasses of water to stay hydrated. Personally for the last few years I have eliminated all processed, pre packed food and cooked everything from scratch. If ever I feel inclined to have a glass of wine or some chocolate then I do so without any feeling of guilt. I start every day with a healthy breakfast of slow releasing carbohydrate such as porridge or a protein rich frittata which easily gets me through the morning. By having well balanced meals for lunch and diner and choosing healthy snacks such as fruit or nuts I have successfully managed to maintain my ideal weight for the last twenty years.

Choosing a healthy balanced diet free from processed food has been easy and rewarding. And because I feel great as a result it is fun. So I urge you throw away the fad diet books and get back to basics.  It might not give you a quick fix but it will in the long term be the best solution.

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