Developing a plan for a healthy lifestyle is essential to ensure we are able to lead a long and healthy life free form illness and disease. If you fail to plan you are simply planning to fail. Which is why one of the key components to a life of fulfilment is goal setting. Click healthy places to eat cheltenham to find places in cheltenham that specialise in healthy eating.

Reaching your goal is essentially the equivalent of going on a journey.  How many times have you set off on a journey with no fixed idea of where you are going? Typically you have a destination in mind and a plan however vague of how you are going to get there.  If you are driving maybe you have to stop for fuel, maybe at times you are driving in the dark and can see no further than the road in front lit by your headlights, maybe you have to stop because you are tired or have a flat tyre or have broken down. When you have a destination in mind and you hit a problem large or small or you can’t see the final destination you don’t stop, turn round and go back the way you came. Typically whatever hurdles you may face you overcome them and continue on your trip. Perhaps due to unforeseen circumstances you are late but none the less you have arrived. Your have achieved your objective and reached your final destination.

If you are struggling with your weight or finding it difficult to incorporate exercise into your life start setting goals. Setting short and long terms goals for your health and well being will not only provide motivation but the very act of writing them down gives them a focus in your subconscious mind.  Statistically speaking people who write down their goals have a higher success rate in achieving them than those who don’t. Then set your goal as your final destination and start your journey. If you reach a hurdle and eat that cream cake or roll over and go back to sleep rather than jumping out bed and going to the gym before work don’t give up. Just see it as a temporary blip – get back in your imaginary car and back on track to reaching your destination. You will be amazed at how attaining one goal will open up avenues to other amazing opportunities as well as giving you a sense of achievement.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step” Make that step today towards a healthier happier life. Set some goals and write them down and make them happen………

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